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Once Kitten, Think Twice

Year of production: 2016

First Release: 2016, UAE

Industry: SHORT FILM

Animation company: Pixelhunters

Producer: Pixelhunters


A short movie by Pixelhunters - a story about cats, monster and balance in life.

Direct link to video:



Director: Iliya Atanasov

Script: Eric MacInnes

Music and SFX: Vasko Ivanov - Dexter

Voice Over: Joe Case


Iliya Atanasov

Rajesh R S

Adeel Hashmi

Hichem Zarrad

Dragomir Sarachev

Dimo Takov

Nauman Khan

Ani Atanasova

Hristo Shehov


Special Thanks to: Stoyan Stoyanov STORN and Jhoana Marie Victorio