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About us

About us

Welcome to the world of Pixelhunters, a leading 3D animation, film production and game design company, specializing in creative 3D design and animations, video games, VR/AR/MR,  visual effects production & post-production services.  Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, we have creative teams based in UAE and Bulgaria.

Pixelhunters thrives in this 21st century technology with the exciting capability to immediately and dramatically impress, engage, inform, and influence customers and viewers through the virtual medium.  We translate the virtual world into reality through our extraordinary imagination and creativity.  Our multi-faceted and diverse staff creates a full range of digital production & post production services - conceptual design, cutting-edge 3D animation for films, TV commercials, game content, architectural visualizations and corporate presentations. Pixelhunters, for the last few years is working in the field of Virtual Reality development for governmental institutions and corporates for training, education and entertainment purposes. 

We engage the best creative and technical artists from diverse cultures and perspectives. They are recognized talents in all areas of visual effects production including environment design, modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, rendering and compositing. This dynamic team has built a comprehensive, creative portfolio that has received multiple international awards of quality. In the gaming and entertainment industry we have firmly established a reputation for delivering levels of photorealism, professionalism and speed well beyond the market expectations.

Whether we work for a single prime customer or a sub-project from a contracting design house, our staff takes ownership to guarantee your original focus and concept.  While many design houses increasingly outsource and sub-contract projects to multiple production agencies, Pixelhunters provide a single-source, centralized production capability that guarantees quality control and tightly managed scheduling with greater cost-effectiveness, higher quality, and speed of production.

We invite you to explore our capabilities to meet your needs and realize the full effect of your vision.  Our product is more than a project; it is a commitment to your success. As each of our customers is unique so is our uniquely tailored approach to their project.  A passionate commitment to the highest quality in our work and to the customer guarantees satisfaction and enhanced opportunity for your success.

Excellence is not good enough – outstanding is our standard!