Middle East Talents Awards is announcing the winners

Are you interested in a competition for digital art – welcome to Middle East Talents Awards. As initiator of the first Middle East Talents Awards, Pixelhunters is honoured to witness a lot of aspiring artist wanting to showcase their talents in digital arts. There have been a lot of initiatives being set up by several […]

Career path for young people

 Knowing What Hinders Them and How to Deal With It Have you started thinking about which career to take? Some people may think that choosing a career path might be as easy as picking a major. Well, this is not generally the case. Planning your career is a little bit complicated and is considered a […]

Pixelhunters celebrating 5 years

Mixing Art, Values, Business and Family Relationship – How to Keep Everything Up – Pixelhunters celebrating 5 years of success We would like to let you know that this year we celebrate Pixelhunters’ 5th anniversary and what is a better way to celebrate it than to have fun on a yacht party? Yes! We cruised […]