Technology is everywhere. In fact, technology is the fastest growing industry. Just look around and we will see that we are surrounded by technology. As technology continue arises, games, social media and e-learning develop and change the way we think, learn and interact to each other. Gamification is associated to games.  It is the application […]

Gamification – How Does It Reshape Your Business towards Improvement?

It’s not what you think. Gamification in your business doesn’t mean playing video games supported by the company. Although it could be right at some point, gamification means applying the use of gaming mechanics in order to achieve a purpose or accomplish a certain practice. Generally, it is the means of using the inner desire […]

Cloud Biking #InAbuDhabi

Video Game Cloud Biking #InAbuDhabi developed by Pixelhunters for Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority ( Ramps on London’s World Travel Market Please see video from WTM 2014 most amazing moments at Abu Dhabi maybe known for a destination packed with wondrous adventures and fun in the Middle East but recently, Ab

Serious and Educational Games – Supporting Individualized Learning

Why Serious and Educational Games are interesting? Digital games have become an essential part of millions of individual’s daily lives and are now highly recognized because of its potential of posing as environments for supportive learning. Its wide popularity and ability to increase engagement to people have been praised as tools that enable a whole […]