Industrial Animation – A Rave towards Business and Marketing Opportunity

3D animation and in particular the industrial animation is a facade to a world full of magic, dreams, and creativity. Although the definition of animation has evolved over the past few years, the concept and benefits of 3-dimensional art continues to surprise its audience and still holds a mystic feel to the eyes of who […]

Love – The Driving Force in Art

Love is a universal phenomenon and a driving force. Every human being needs to love and to be loved. This is a type of feeling that simply cannot be taught. Each person has own definition of love either it’s a romantic love, family or friendship love. In any type of love, it all pertains to […]

Meet Jamal – the Mascot of ME Group, designed by Pixelhunters

Interview with Gordon Robertson  about his Jamal Mascot Design, Director ME Group What Jamal helped you to achieve? I realized that people are being bombarded with information. I thought that by using a comical figure related to the region I would 1. Stay in people’s minds. 2. Be instantly recognizable. 3. Helps people realize […]