The Boost in 3D Animation – Discovering Its Infinite Possibilities

At present, each person – be it a child, teenager or adult, are all fascinated with great storylines and surprising twists of animated films. The animation industry has come a long way today, which started from a simple 2D hand-drawn design to a completely new level of 3D animation possibilities where things come to life with each aspect displaying unique attributes. Movies and TV shows are now projected using the wonders of 3D technology. Even hospitals use 3D medical animation as an instructional tool for medical professions and institutional processes. Corporate associations are also starting to integrate the use of 3D presentations as their clients find it more impressive than before. Indeed, 3D animations are now in huge demand.

The quick pace of scientific and technological advancement has contributed to a more developed animation. Looking back to the past, Phenakistoscope was a technique created before the creation of the cartoon-based pictures. It was an early animation device that uses the persistence of motion to create an illusion of motion. Phenakistoscope included simple drawings moving simultaneously, giving the effect of animation. Through this method, an artist can create a variety of animated characters. However, this technique started to vanish towards the end of 21st century. During those times, new methods were proposed which resulted in the advancement of cartoon-based pictures. It was through that transition when advanced animation started to emerge and now, different areas of expertise make use of this technique to broadcast knowledge and express ideas.

There are different techniques used by animators to bring imaginary characters to life which has exceptionally improved over the past few years. Today, computers highly assists the animators in coming up with great 3D formations. 3D animation is also branching out to different fields such as interior designing, architecture, stage shows, medicine, gaming, business and of course, film making.

With the aid of technology, we can find 3D animation everywhere – from video games to mobile applications, movies and even to our home and work place. 3D animation is absolutely making a boom, contributing to the modernity of our contemporary world. It also gradually shows that 3D animation has nearly replaced 2D animation in the film industry and other areas.

Moving the technology beyond films has been a crucial evolution in the animation industry. The gaming industry has witnessed equal growth since the past years. Once ruled by the 2D animation techniques, the gaming industry is now shifting to high-fidelity 3D experiences. Take a look on our surrounding and notice that almost every mobile and computer games released these days are developed using the 3D animation technology.

As technology arises, the demand for 3D animation also increases. As Walt Disney says, “Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive”. 3D animation is a portal of endless possibilities, and it can go further.

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