A’ Design Awards Winners 2014: The Cocktail of Artists

About A’Design Awards

By Dr. Ani Atanasova, CEO Pixelhunters

With more art organizations and exhibits coming our way through the internet, it is undeniable to see a lot of young and undiscovered talents gathering to showcase their talents. This is a good way to receive and even administer judging their entries from my point of view. With my own initiative of bringing young minds in Middle East towards expressing their selves through digital art, I see a lot of artists wanting to be in the industry of art and stay in there. However, there are also a lot of artists who ignore the prospectus requirements of any art competition. Along with this mistake also comes their chance to be adjudged, letting them know which area needs improvement from them.

I have been in the arts and science for more than a decade and it has given me a lot of experiences when it comes to witnessing artists (and struggling artists) finally coming to ‘life’. This year, I was given the privilege to judge a competition called A’Design Awards & Competition. It is the world’s largest annual judged design competition that brings about the best architects, designers and design-driven companies from different parts of the world. It honors them, providing them publicity and recognition in their chosen craft. Every year, the project focuses on technology, innovation, design and creativity with each category being awarded with the A’ Award to help them come forward for success.

I had fun judging the best designs presented by different artists from all over the world! The winners were announced and we are amazed to see so many great artists with their winning designs. Here are some of the winners. Take a look at their masterpieces!

A’Design Awards winners art

rising moon

We are always fascinated by light. With our projects in LiFiHunters, we find this winning piece a real stunner. This Chinese-inspired art by the Daydreamers Design has captured my attention not just the LED but the materials used. Talk about going green by recycling and reusing!

hand bags

Talk about 3D designs going to the fashion world! This 3D bag was mechanically cut and with the use of laser to execute the finishes. Aside from its 3D innovation, it is also environmentally-friendly with its dyes and leather being natural.

Tensegrity Space Frame Light by Michal Maciej Bartosik.


Here is another tensegrity art now combined with light. While it speaks simplicity, the entire production itself is receiving more while giving less.

Louvre light Light by Natasha Chatziangeli.


It can be your next table lamp! It does not cast any shadows on it nor on its surface. You can do endless customization, combinations and total control.


We know there are a lot of LED TV fans out there and this might be another thing for you. This curved LED television presents a unique cinematographic viewing angle experience.

Randen Arashiyama Station Railway station by GLAMOROUS co.,ltd.


These custom-made lamps exclusive for this project made use of kimono dyed to make it transparent, providing a unique illumination when put LED inside. Railway stations just got any better.


This innovative office interior design boosts its door for excellence. While it speaks for creativity, it is now waiting for its LEED Platinum certification.


This multimedia exhibition speaks of elegance where each hall is executed with its creative assignment through the use of flex multimedia technologies.


We always are a fanatic of everything green. This is why we were fascinated with this eco-friendly residential interior design. It strategically creates illusion of space while it is finished with different mirrors and floors. What makes it a lot better? It is a sustainable ECO home without disrupting its contemporary design!


It’s ‘Excitement unlike any other’ for Nissan’s calendar as it visually entices every viewer to notice more than just the date. This artistic piece provides an eye-opening showcase of unique ideas that is more than just a calendar to everyone.


The Atlantic Azure color of brand identity for SATA Airlines makes it catchier in the sky. We always value how people view our brands and this piece of art is just amazing for a plane in the blue sky.


When you make a brochure, you should make sure it represents your brand the right way. This Japanese pride for Nissan CIMA integrates their state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship, giving its prospective buyers the push to do more than just looking but experiencing through their art.


Looking like a prototype of Tai Chi’s work, these public posters speak the modern art of visual communication. What makes us more impressed is its use of the right digital printing execution.

Vestibule (Circuit II) Multi-screen installation by Eric Schockmel.


Inspired by video games and science fiction aesthetics, this only winner in 3D Model Design category is amazing beyond words. Its art combines religious, political, traditional and ecological translations in digital 3D arts.


This art for a hotel presentation was great. We have always stressed out how important animation presentations are when it comes to architectural renders as it presents wide array of modelling for every part of the hotel.

We at Pixelhunters are driven by the motivation to help and discover young artists who want to be a part of the arts industry. If you want to be a part of A’ Design Awards and be featured internationally, you can join the next edition of A’Design Awards & Competition 2014-2015. Early nominations deadline is on June 30, 2014. However, if you register here on April 27-30, 2014 where you can register and acquire early bird discount fees!

If you want to know more about A’ Design Awards, visit them here and learn how to be the next star digital artist!

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