Architectural Rendering and Fly-Through – Going Beyond Inspiration


Architectural Rendering and Fly-Through – Going Beyond Inspiration to a Dream

By Dr.Ani Atanasova (PhD,MSc), CEO Pixelhunters

Real estate has been a dynamic industry. It is an evolving and constantly changing field. Just like other trade design, its quality and usability are its engine in order to soar when it comes to the property and specialty. Gone are the days when the renders are just all about presenting it neat and clean. Real estate today signifies your personality – it is more of a statement of a dream you want to live.

In such ever-changing scenes in the process of creating an inspiration, its designs are pushed from basic to their limits while making sure to yield and deliver quality and excellence. Developers, real estate agencies, contractors and architects are working hard to be a part of this project. However, with the continuous stream of demand, it is expected that digital artists are also coming along the way to yearn fortunate fronts.

Computerized presentation tools and designs now play an essential role in making the entire process happen. This includes the conceptualization, designing, testing and developing of the renders and fly-through towards the sales marketing of the project itself. Going 3D has also proved enough to be a major boost in the real estate world as it allows everyone to take several steps to the real world of everyone’s dreams.

3D Architectural Rendering – Bringing Your Dream Forward


Architectural projects presentation is more effective if delivered in a more visually-appealing manner. It allows the clients to relate and create the feel of being in the property in a higher level. While some clients only need to see what their property will look like after the construction, 3D architectural renderings will actually increase their visualization of their dreams coming true.

These days, more architectural firms can no longer go on presentations without 3D rendering and animations for their project presentations and proposals. With the boon of artists creating these visually-moving models, architects will practice silent resiliency as the rendering will do most of the talking and convincing. This power doesn’t stop in the marketing scheme alone as it also assists in finding faults on design before the construction even begins.

Architectural Fly-Through Animations


Being able to create movement in the models has also presented various designers and developers in the industry an opportunity to present their work through fly-throughs. These fly-through movies help demonstrate the core features of the project by simulating a run, walk, drive or flight while highlighting the main specialty and features of the real estate project.

Being able to convey fly-through and rendering based on 3D and digital art has allowed numbers of real-estate related marketing to present their properties in a more advanced manner –and even going global by uploading them to different photo and video sharing sites all over the world. These videos and images portraying a dream and creating a feeling oftentimes lead to better sales and higher return of investment for any marketing firm.

The concept of digital architectural renders and animations have empowered developers and architects to professionally market what they have to deliver to the industry. However, it is through these innovations that clients see their creations more than an inspiration but a dream.

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