Having a Company Mascot – A Fun Way of Advertising

An effective advertising campaign needs a few important things. First off, you need to have a good brand name for your company that will stay in the people’s minds. You also have to own a logo that will represent the style of your business. You will have to launch a catchy phrase that will entice your audience to patronize your services. The possibilities are endless but these are quite the basic essentials. Now, you actually have to consider adding a company mascot that will take your advertisement to the next level.

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider getting a mascot for your business. A company mascot is a fun yet unique way of promotions that will set your business apart from the industry’s competition. It increases your business potential for producing more revenues and bringing new customers in.

Getting a Customized Mascot


Most companies choose to practice the traditional way of advertising their products and services. However, company mascots offer a unique way of representing your business in the industry. More promotional approaches are now slowly dying. There is no wonder why having a customized mascot is a great way of advertisement.

In order to attract attention your business needs, you will have to figure out a completely original mascot to help your company’s advertisement. It should be something that can offer you a perfect illustration of what you have to offer. While some business owners haven’t thought about getting animation services, it is actually an essential step towards company promotion.

Creating a Company Mascot


Camel_maya_shotcamel_with-jointssmallWe actually had the chance to create a company mascot for a client offering realty services MortgageMe. We would like to capture the real essence of their services and reflect it through its character. We had to create a concept art – from its basic silhouettes throughout its final animation and design.

We had to conceptualize the mascot that we are to make for the client. After visualizing a camel for the mascot, we prepared the art for the 3D model. Then the character 3D model is passed to the team of animators as it must be hopped to system of control handles and joints, called rigging process. The rigging artists work closely with the animators to ensure that any technical issues regarding the 3D mesh is well accounted for. They also make sure that the character model is ready for animation.

Motion capture is the next step to follow. Here, we record the movements of a human artist and apply the captured data into the CG Character. The facial expressions are made by animators to reflect the emotions of the character. The next process is to place the virtual character with its facial and body movements into the virtual environment. After it is done, we process for the final lighting, rendering and compositing. The video is the final output.

A company mascot will not just help you with your business but it can also create new ventures for you. Aside from merchandising, it can also help you with your company’s recognition. Not all business owners take the step of hiring animators and make a mascot for them but it is a sure fire way of gaining audiences, and the best of all, new customers.

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