The Power of Digital Arts – An Insight Into the Life of a Digital Artist

Digital artists these days have the most advanced applications. With the latest industry hardware and software, they can even integrate the best technology in their workflow to create brilliant masterpieces.

In the fast-paced world today, digital artist should not only focus on creating arts but moreover giving life to their creations. There is a saying from John Maeda, a famous American executive and designer: “If there were a prerequisite for the future successful digital creative, it would be the passion for discovery.”

Here are some tips that might help to elevate and give more life to digital arts creations:

  1. Observe real-life characters – Digital artist are observant. Observing people on how they move, interact and how to express themselves are helpful tools to gain more understanding not only in character animation but also in digital arts.
  1. Be social – Explore and share your creative side by socializing with digital artists community. Working and socializing with talented communities will give you more knowledge and improve your creations. Show your digital creations to different digital artist communities or join competitions like META.
  1. Keep creating – People are born to be creative and so are the digital artists. Being creative does not stop from studying – it is a continuous process as we go in life. Remember artists: you are the generator of ideas.
  1. Tell a Story – It is visually interesting to see a digital art that is wonderful in details. Always try to create a character that have a story behind. Digital arts that has depth are more engaging as it entails a story.
  1. Never stop learning – Digital artists love to learn more about their craft and most of the time they are not satisfied with the work they create. Do not be afraid to learn more innovative ideas and always try to discover new things. There are many resources everywhere – so keep learning.
  1. Always believe in your talent – If you believe in yourself, it will naturally come within. The passion in digital arts is one of the main factors that drives your talent to become successful in the industry.

Being a digital artist is not an easy. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and determination. That’s why our team feels gratitude to all the digital artists who participated last Middle East Talents Awards. We believe that every skill and talent that we witness has a great contribution – so keep showing your talent to the world!

Fresh from the short awarding ceremony last 18th of August, Pixelhunters and META team are happy to share with you a photo with some of the winners of META 2015. The whole team had a wonderful experience to see and talk with the winners. We look forward to see more of your skills and talents as we have more surprises and we are getting more industry partners to support us.

Congratulations once again to all the META winners. For the winners who are not present on the awarding ceremony, we wish to see you next time around. 🙂

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