Distance Learning and Challenges – ARE WE READY?

We are so focused to talk about the FUTURE of learning that we sometimes forget to think about the PRESENT. With the necessity of having distance learning, are we ready to embrace its challenges?

With the current COVID 19 worldwide situation, the population of young learners is facing serious challenges:

  • pushed to use platforms that are not familiar to students
  • incredible parents’ time involved to learn with the kids
  • possible low computer literacy of parents and difficulties to understand how to use the online platforms
  • video lectures that may not be always interesting
  • difficulty to concentrate by watching the screen for a long time
  • self-discipline and learning motivation is lower
  • internet speeds might not be always available
  • the necessity of schools to coordinate large flux of student data, student performance, tracking learning progress, coordination of the learning process.

The online learning is not a novelty, but to fully transfer from online video lecturing into replacing normal school process – it looks like we are still not ready to meet the current challenges.

New processes, methodologies, and ways of learning will emerge to educate, engage, and mostly track the learning process.

The kids today are not used to stay long in front of video lessons, but they don’t mind staying hours at a favorite video game.

They don’t like to do tests and exams but they are happy to participate in competitions with friends to prove themselves winners.

Pixelhunters has developed a unique concept of a Multiplayer Team Training Platform, a knowledge-driven game-based system that allows transforming the real classroom into a virtual one.

Testing is no longer boring, learning is no longer “pushed” – they are now replaced with games, team competition, and fun time.

On the other side of the learning equation is our evaluation & reporting system, which tracks the team and individual performances but also the learning progress. The whole learning process is compressed in time and space.

What if we have this distance learning solution that can raise our knowledge on a topic from 0 to 100% for just 1-hour play?

More you can read at https://www.pixelhunters.com/multiplayer-team-training & http://www.multiplayerteamtraining.com

Contact us if interested at info@pixelhunters.com

Staying home has never been more challenging than now. It’s the perfect time to learn new things and to have some fun at the same time.

Multiplayer Classroom by Pixelhunters.

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