Gamification – How Does It Reshape Your Business towards Improvement?

It’s not what you think. Gamification in your business doesn’t mean playing video games supported by the company. Although it could be right at some point, gamification means applying the use of gaming mechanics in order to achieve a purpose or accomplish a certain practice. Generally, it is the means of using the inner desire of a person to promote competitiveness inside the business environment or anywhere else.

When planned and designed appropriately, gamification for business is proven to be a successful campaign when it comes to motivating people to attain certain behaviour, engage customers or develop skills and provide solutions to the problems. Influencing the features from real games, the process can turn numbers of activities into games.

The Secret Spice to Improving Your Business

The entire process could vary from its purpose to the mechanics. But, after taking these vital factors into considerations, you should take a look at the top ways gamification can help you improve your business.

  • Grab Attention, Entice Engagement. When you imagine your market, you realize that hundreds of products are launched every year. Hence, you need your brand to be louder enough for your customers to pay attention to it. A simple advertisement these days won’t guarantee success but with gamification, you can easily catch your target market’s attention, making you a better choice among others. And while you are at it, show them what’s in it for them. Discuss benefits and encourage engagement.
  • Boost Sales. Increase your sales by luring your customers to buy more of your products. For instance, different reward points could entice your customers to buy more.
  • Establish Customer Loyalty. Gamification is the new way of inviting your customers to always come back for more. The consequential loyalty is essential for your business. Give them the reason to come back for more.
  • Increase Product Awareness. For instance, posting a video that needs to be viewed in order to get a level-up can make your customers become more aware of what you have to offer.

Games are powerful. In the business setting, gamification means planning different solutions for generally everything – from office objective, training, marketing or direct customer relations. Companies who are into this motivational yet entertaining aspect of the business make sure that the data analytics and game elements are combined with real world prizes. By simply combining the business managers’ ideas with the skills and creativity of a game designer, you can bring the best out of your business.

As an example of great gamification is the game that Pixelhunters developed for Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority. The aim of the game is to promote Abu Dhabi as a  great touristic destination. The game play consists of riding an exercise bike on the ground while virtually the player is cloud biking over Abu Dhabi. Faster the gamer rides, more points he collects and the first on the leader board for the day or for the event wins a trip to Abu Dhabi. The game premiere was for  the World Travel Market Exhibition 2014 in London (, where it had an enormous success not only for the high customers’ engagement it created but also for the great number of participating volunteers and their multiple re-play to win the big prize.  The game was also set-up at the Volvo Ocean Race (, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, HSBC Golf Championship, ITB Berlin and others. 

If you are interested in game development and gamification of your services or products – simply contact us at Pixelhunters and we will be happy to study about your company and offer you the best game that will not only boost your reputation but will leave your audience with unforgettable experience.

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