Meet Jamal – the Mascot of ME Group, designed by Pixelhunters

Gordon Robertson

Interview with Gordon Robertson  about his Jamal Mascot Design, Director ME Group

What Jamal helped you to achieve?

I realized that people are being bombarded with information. I thought that by using a comical figure related to the region I would

1. Stay in people’s minds.

2. Be instantly recognizable.

3. Helps people realize that the different divisions and companies are all part of the same group.

Why did you decide to use a character to communicate your brand?

I was trying to create a brand for the ME-group. I realized that there are many other companies that use the term ME after their name. So I wanted to achieve two objectives.

  1. People will remember a visual character easier than remembering a company name.
  2. They will also realize that if it does not have Jamal shown, then that ME is not part of our ME group.

What Jamal stands out for?

He is a fun character, which is supposed to represent a typical person being faced with navigating life.

How do you deal with banks, insurance companies, bureaucracy, understanding how things work?

We understand you Jamal and we want to help you. We want to make your life easier, we want you to save money, and we want to take that stress away from you.

Where we can see Jamal?

You can see Jamal on all of our websites, all of our correspondence, you may see him in the Cinema, on YouTube and various other social media sites. You will find him on our business cards. You will shortly find him on our company car driving around Dubai having someone working in his interest.

The reason you have selected Pixelhunters?

I always had the idea that a character can not only be a mascot, but something that people can always associate with the company. I have seen this power in Europe with the Meerkat and Churchill. However it was always just in the back of my mind and I had never actively looked for a character.

I met Dr. Ani and was motivated with her passion about her business. I talked about my ideas, visited the office in DMC. I met the team and was very impressed with what they had already done.

We shared ideas, as we are a small company I discussed my issues about managing costs. They looked for a solution and so Jamal was born. They were able to produce a very smart amusing video for the cinema.

Since we have started to use Jamal I am amazed how many people recognize the character.

He is helping building our brand and he is well worth the financial investment.

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