The Power of Animation – An Impressive Tool for Marketing

Animation is everywhere. The power of animation can be felt in every human being life to foster inspiration, educate minds and entertain. Today, the wonders of animation are not limited to animated shows, films and entertainment industry.  In addition, animation has been a highlight in different enterprises around the globe. As different marketing strategies continuously […]

3D Medical Animation – Changing the View of the Healthcare Industry

Can 3D Medical Animation contribute to healthcare? The healthcare industry is a vast field of presenters where in there is a constant need for complex explanation, demonstration, learning and rationalization for dynamic mechanisms. The field of medicine alone consists of numerous tales of death by PowerPoint. Eyes are glazed over the struggle of understanding the […]

Industrial Animation – A Rave towards Business and Marketing Opportunity

3D animation and in particular the industrial animation is a facade to a world full of magic, dreams, and creativity. Although the definition of animation has evolved over the past few years, the concept and benefits of 3-dimensional art continues to surprise its audience and still holds a mystic feel to the eyes of who […]

Love – The Driving Force in Art

Love is a universal phenomenon and a driving force. Every human being needs to love and to be loved. This is a type of feeling that simply cannot be taught. Each person has own definition of love either it’s a romantic love, family or friendship love. In any type of love, it all pertains to […]

Meet Jamal – the Mascot of ME Group, designed by Pixelhunters

Interview with Gordon Robertson  about his Jamal Mascot Design, Director ME Group What Jamal helped you to achieve? I realized that people are being bombarded with information. I thought that by using a comical figure related to the region I would 1. Stay in people’s minds. 2. Be instantly recognizable. 3. Helps people realize […]

The Boost in 3D Animation – Discovering Its Infinite Possibilities

At present, each person – be it a child, teenager or adult, are all fascinated with great storylines and surprising twists of animated films. The animation industry has come a long way today, which started from a simple 2D hand-drawn design to a completely new level of 3D animation possibilities where things come to life […]

Empowering Our Minds – How Do Video Games Reshape Stories?

For so many years, video games have been widely accepted as a big form of entertainment. Only few were considering them for the possibility of bringing an educational value. Perhaps for more than 30 years, this perception has changed. Video games are now often regarded as an innovative learning and teaching tool. They are in […]


Technology is everywhere. In fact, technology is the fastest growing industry. Just look around and we will see that we are surrounded by technology. As technology continue arises, games, social media and e-learning develop and change the way we think, learn and interact to each other. Gamification is associated to games.  It is the application […]

Gamification – How Does It Reshape Your Business towards Improvement?

It’s not what you think. Gamification in your business doesn’t mean playing video games supported by the company. Although it could be right at some point, gamification means applying the use of gaming mechanics in order to achieve a purpose or accomplish a certain practice. Generally, it is the means of using the inner desire […]

Cloud Biking #InAbuDhabi

Video Game Cloud Biking #InAbuDhabi developed by Pixelhunters for Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority ( Ramps on London’s World Travel Market Please see video from WTM 2014 most amazing moments at Abu Dhabi maybe known for a destination packed with wondrous adventures and fun in the Middle East but recently, Ab