Serious and Educational Games – Supporting Individualized Learning

Why Serious and Educational Games are interesting? Digital games have become an essential part of millions of individual’s daily lives and are now highly recognized because of its potential of posing as environments for supportive learning. Its wide popularity and ability to increase engagement to people have been praised as tools that enable a whole […]

LIFE by Pixelhunters

Pixelhunters is happy to announce the release of its short movie, called LIFE. We had so much fun working on it and we hope the people will like it. Synopsis: Life is a battle of choices and roads to be taken. We choose our own paths, we mark our own map. Once choices have been […]

Having a Company Mascot – A Fun Way of Advertising

An effective advertising campaign needs a few important things. First off, you need to have a good brand name for your company that will stay in the people’s minds. You also have to own a logo that will represent the style of your business. You will have to launch a catchy phrase that will entice […]

The Power of Digital Content – Foster Audience Relationship and Producing Results

Despite the economic crisis the world is facing today, the internet’s global trend continues to expand dramatically at an alert pace. The drift of digital content is showing so much strength internationally due to the increasing numbers of online and digital media users, growth in social network activities and even the rising use of smartphones. […]

Computer Animation – The New Generation of ‘Addiction’

Technological innovation and creative advancement is the key towards computer animation that is devoted to digital entertainment. A lot of us today are enjoying the greatest products of digital technology such as video and audio-rich films as well as the simulations of architectural and engineering projects by 3D computer graphics. These markets continuously require people […]

Pixelhunters & Middle East Tallents Awards in a collaboration with ANIMAGO AWARD

Animago Award collaborating Pixelhunters for its 2014 Edition.  Participate now! Here we go: DIGITAL PRODUCTION, German trade magazine for digital media productions and visualisation, is already in the FINAL CALL FOR ENTRIES for the 18th animago AWARD. And you’re invited to register online at for the 2014 contest. The registration deadline for submissions is […]

Middle East Talents Awards is announcing the winners

Are you interested in a competition for digital art – welcome to Middle East Talents Awards. As initiator of the first Middle East Talents Awards, Pixelhunters is honoured to witness a lot of aspiring artist wanting to showcase their talents in digital arts. There have been a lot of initiatives being set up by several […]