Pixelhunters 7th Anniversary Celebration

A VR gamified journey through the past, present and the future! Pixelhunters celebrating 7th anniversary

Each year that we celebrate our birthday is an important milestone for the entire team. This year, we are celebrating not just a corporate but as a family legacy. As part of our celebration, we played a fun live escape game that evokes our inner Sherlock Holmes called “HintHunt”. What we experienced is a tricky, fun and challenging goal wherein we were challenged to escape from a locked room in 60 minutes. The awesome experience that we had in this game is definitely a good inspiration not only for game designers and animators like us – but also to boost the teamwork, cooperation and constant communication between the members of our team.

Looking back into the past years, with our Pixelhunters Virtual Reality glasses, it is indeed a great achievement for our team. It has been a long but memorable and exciting journey. We are happy that we’ve learned a lot from working with different cultures and for clients all around the world and we continue to grow as a team. Everyone in the team is a great asset and the joystick to control every project success. We admire each of our colleagues’ full dedication to create art and to achieve excellence in our entire operational feature. They are not just employees but a family to each of us.

PH_HintHunt_7th Anniversary_2

Our work is more than a job, it is something we enjoy and are passionate about. At Pixelhunters, we challenge ourselves constantly in order to reach our goals. We brainstorm ideas with the team, we play games, we create games, we research, we experiment, we risk, we invest – we are not scared always to go the extra mile to deliver a better product, something memorable to the world, to leave our Pixelhunters trail.

In this era of innovation and automation, we are grateful to all our clients who keep trusting us and contribute to our journey of achievements and improvement. We are not simply looking for clients, we are looking into building relationships and values. The success of our clients helps us building our success. Their challenges are our challenges. Together, we find solutions, realize the impossible and overcome any obstacle. Just like in games we strive to reach the highest level, catch the highest reward and be on the top of the leaderboard.

This year as we celebrate our 7th anniversary, we will continue to learn, work hard and strive for innovation. Not only for the company’s growth, but more importantly for the entire team and to our current and future clients.

We thank everyone who has been part of the team during the years and look forward for the new talents that will join us in our adventure.

Happy birthday, Pixelhunters!

Dr. Ani Atanasova, CEO

P.S. For the colleagues that missed the celebration, we’ll throw another party when you’re back.

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