Pixelhunters celebrating 5 years

Mixing Art, Values, Business and Family Relationship – How to Keep Everything Up – Pixelhunters celebrating 5 years of success


We would like to let you know that this year we celebrate Pixelhunters’ 5th anniversary and what is a better way to celebrate it than to have fun on a yacht party? Yes! We cruised around the Dubai Marina coast on a broad daylight. Just like how the lucid waters reflected the clear blue sky, it also mirrored the five years of fulfillment and success our team has shared.

If there is anything life and art have taught us, that is to compromise, sacrifice and play like a team. Today, we are still growing our team and run our company according to the best philosophies and principles we have learned for over the years, manage and organize our non-profit drives to help young talents develop their skills and constantly trying to be between the best companies in the world in our industry.

Pixelhunters celebrating 5 years in the business is a long time to learn things about running a business and how to rise above the competition in the industry. We are happy that our endeavor turned out to be a successful venture. Our business was always about the team we are working with. Perhaps, one of the essentials of running a business is to make sure you employ the best individuals who are willing to grow in a team. We consider ourselves lucky as we are blessed with great people. We are happy to see how our young circle of talented and motivated professionals continues to show passion in their work. As managers, we could not ask for more than seeing our people become fervent in whatever they do. We are more than glad to call them our family and not just mere employees. We believe that it is how it made our endeavors more rewarding.

At Pixelhunters, we drive ourselves as a company to exceed our client’s expectations. Our clients are the reason why Pixelhunters continue to trail the blaze in the industry. Yes, it is normal to deliver what is expected of you. But in Pixelhunters, we consider each project a commitment to help our clients succeed, not just a mere project that they paid for.

Pixelhunters deliver the value of passion for arts through our works. We invest so much dedication to produce amazing designs. We commit to deliver more than high quality animations and productions in a speedy manner. We portray a dynamic and strong team that is driven with core values and perceptions. I guess that’s what sets us apart from others. It’s not just about ideas. It is about making ideas happen.

This year, we are celebrating both business and family. We have a lot to thank for. Our business, our team and our family were constant reminders why we should celebrate this success that is built out of our passion.

* We thank our team and friends for being part of it. And sorry for the team members who couldn’t join us.

** Pictures of the event made by DIFOTO company

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