Scientists for Impact: SEMP’s AISEG Generator, a paradigm shift in power generation. Pixelhunters’ visual expertise enhances SEMP-GSPM’s COP 28 showcase.

Dr. Sung-Kwon Yoo serves as the Research Director of the SEMP Research Institute in South Korea. As the inventor of world-class technology in building repair and reinforcement, he boasts over 200 types of new technologies and methods. Dr. Yoo has played a pivotal role in the institute’s groundbreaking theory of bandwagoning, representing a first in the field of science and innovation, particularly in the realm of power generation.

Dr. Ani Atanasova holds a Ph.D. in Quantum & Optoelectronics and has dedicated years to science, research, teaching, and industry. As a scientist, she has contributed to various projects involving lasers, laser applications, optical references, and magnetic field measurements.

Since 2009, Dr. Ani Atanasova has served as the co-founder and CEO of Pixelhunters, a Dubai-based company specializing in Content Creation, Technology Implementations, Knowledge Applications, and Exhibitions. Pixelhunters actively collaborates with the government and corporate sectors, executing numerous projects focused on education, training, awareness, and innovative marketing utilizing immersive technologies and gamification. With a 15-year history, Pixelhunters boasts a track record of delivering over 1500 projects worldwide and has received more than 150 international industry awards.

COP 28 and the Impact on Our Journey towards a Net-Zero Future

As the 2050 net-zero target approaches, companies worldwide are actively exploring innovative approaches to address the climate crisis and advance technology in support of Earth’s green infrastructure.

A standout initiative in this global effort is the SEMP Research Institute in South Korea, which has introduced a groundbreaking solution – the AI Smart Electromagnetic Generator (AISEG), revealed worldwide in collaboration with Global Solutions for Project Management (GSPM) UAE. This cutting-edge technology underscores a commitment to finding sustainable solutions and contributing to the global endeavor to combat climate change.

SEMP-GSPM left a lasting impact at COP 28 with their substantial participation, featuring a prominent 150 sqm stand at the Green Zone – Energy Transition Hub. The event was enriched by engaging lectures and live demonstrations, where the running generator took center stage, playing a pivotal role in unveiling and showcasing this groundbreaking technology.

The Smart Electromagnetic Generator represents a paradigm shift in power generation. Operating without the need for conventional fuel sources, this innovative system employs a non-rotational design with stationary magnets, ensuring safety, cleanliness, carbon neutrality, and scalability. The generator boasts an impressive efficiency of up to 1769%, surpassing that of traditional power generators at a similar scale. It has been developed based on the groundbreaking theory of bandwagoning, constructed on the foundation of four fundamental laws, and further augmented with the integration of an additional eleven laws, culminating in the completion of the generator AI system. The technology holds 70 patents across 60 countries and claims to be cost-effective.

The AI Smart Electromagnetic Generator (AISEG) is an intelligent generator designed to meet the demand for electric power without relying on traditional fuel sources. This emission-free generator is characterized by high efficiency and scalability, marking a significant breakthrough in the pursuit of clean power generation to address the challenges posed by climate change and expedite the global transition to Net Zero.

Woo Hee Choi, CEO of SEMP, emphasized the innovation’s role in accelerating the journey to net-zero emissions. The generator, free of rotating parts, carbon, and heat emissions, is self-powered, boasts a compact footprint, and has a near-permanent lifespan, representing a significant leap in technological evolution.

Choi highlighted the practical applications, noting that industries can generate electricity without the need for power transmission, and home appliances can be effortlessly powered using a plug-and-play model.

The Importance of a Strong Visual Presence

With a 15-year history in the UAE and renowned expertise in content and exhibition marketing, Pixelhunters played a pivotal role in supporting SEMP and GSPM at COP 28. Dr. Ani Atanasova, the CEO of Pixelhunters, expressed her pride in contributing to the efforts of SEMP & GSPM. She highlighted her excitement as a scientist to delve into the captivating realm of physics and utilize state-of-the-art content creation methods to engage the audience.

Dr. Atanasova commented, “I feel honored to have supported SEMP & GSPM and assisted in explaining and illustrating the advantages of the AI Smart Electromagnetic Generator to the world. As a scientist, I was thrilled to immerse myself once again in the fascinating world of physics and employ the latest methods of content creation to captivate the audience. We not only designed informative marketing videos but also created impressive anamorphic sequences as part of the stand design. Pixelhunters was engaged throughout the entire journey of COP 28 – from stand design and execution, technology implementation, to logistics, addressing all arising challenges during the execution.”

COP 28 represents a significant milestone rather than the beginning of our collaboration with SEMP & GSPM. Our journey began in June, as we actively contributed to content creation for an event in South Korea. The AISEG generator was dynamically showcased in live operation at a major event held at Seoul City Plaza on 7th August 2023, effectively illustrating the continuous and impactful functionality of the generator.

Science Always Helps in Every Field We Engage

With the CEO of Pixelhunters being a scientist and a significant portion of the team consisting of engineers, the company has evolved into an expert in visualizing intricate physics principles, plant operations, and product functionalities. This unique blend of scientific and engineering expertise empowers Pixelhunters to effectively illustrate complex concepts with powerful visuals, making technology easily understandable for the audience and immersing them in the subject matter.

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