Series of 10 Aerial Love Films You Can See on the Website

Ever wanted to take a step back and admire the breathtaking natural beauty of this world? If yes, then we welcome you to the world of mesmerizing aerial films.

Rediscovering Love for Nature With Aerial Films

Aerial shots provide a magical bird’s eye view of your favorite scenic locations. Aerial films take this a step further with skillful cinematography that sets the stage for an awe-inspiring display of nature’s unfiltered beauty. Pixelhunters’ aerial films let you glide through the landscape for a view that will take your breath away.

Witnessing Nature in All its Glory

Aerial films give you an elevated perspective on the world around you with views that you don’t normally get to see in your daily life. These views can reveal nature’s secret beauty in a new light. Our aerial films are used by documentary films and TV channels all over the world to engage audiences with spellbinding views.

Understanding the True Value of Nature

Our aerial films have enabled us to understand the true value of nature and its preservation. We cannot stand to think that these striking views can somehow be damaged due to our actions. Our aerial films will help you realize the importance of nature and inspire you to keep it clean and green.

Traveling the World

These aerial films are all you need to do to travel the world with us. The aerial films have allowed us to combine our passion for traveling and nature with our love for cinematography to create the perfect art form. Here are our top ten aerial films from all around the world:

Mountain Views in Rhodope

This aerial film was created to take you to great heights of the beautiful Rhodope mountains. Float over the lush green views of high summits, deep forests and small Rhodopean villages, this film will make you feel as a true Bulgarian.

Visiting Vietnam

Get lost in the exotic views of Vietnam as we take you through a journey of rich green environments, sparkling waters and Vietnam’s rich culture. Travel with us from Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh for the best views in Vietnam.

Zanzibar Tropical Aerial Love

In the mood for a vacation? Watch our aerial movie from the gorgeous views in Zanzibar and get lost in the African spirit of Tanzania.

Beautiful views of Greece

Travel to Greece and get mystical aerial views of jagged rocks and the deep White Sea in this beautiful film.

Sri Lanka Aerial Love

Have fun in Sri Lanka with warm skies and greenery coupled with gorgeous animals’ sanctuaries that make you want exploring more.

Bulgaria Mountain Love

Get acquainted with the mountains in this aerial film dedicated to Bulgaria’s famous Rila, Rhodope and Stara Planina mountains.

UAE Aerial Love

Visit United Arab Emirates and see a new side of UAE with natural views guaranteed to inspire you. Besides its most innovative architecture, UAE can really surprise you with a completely different image.

Bali Aerial Love

An aerial film dedicated to the amazing views of Bali. Check out the full aerial film to explore more. From diving, beaches explorations to the heart of Ubud – the heart of Bali.

Bulgaria Aerial Love

Bulgaria is home to some of the most breathtaking views in the world. We explore the enormous variety of natural environments in this movie – rivers, sea, dams, mountains, caves.

Tango in Salalah

Enter Salalah, a region in South Oman to witness its glowing beauty in the monsoon season. Enjoy lush green mountains, gushing waterfalls, rich habitats and thick fog – the rain forest is calling! A true miracle of the nature in a desert Middle Eastern Country. Only possible to be experienced for 2 months in the summer per year.

Discover the natural beauty all around the world and get lost in an exotic adventure.

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