Pixelhunters – The Drive to Support the Youth and Art

Pixelhunters – Supporting Youth and Art

By Dr.Ani Atanasova (PhD,MSc), CEO Pixelhunters

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Whenever we speak about the youth, discover young talents or simply supporting education and arts, one of the most common question we ask is whether these talented children of today have the real access to tools that will help them nurture their minds and develop their skills. How they do figure out what they want to do in life? How do they give themselves the help they need to pursue what they dream of becoming? Then we realized, the answer is in us. As to what we do, there is more to a resounding help that we can offer. However, it still opens up a little issue behind that is often overlooked by many.

It still surprises us how many young minds graduate from high school and even college with small ideas on what they really want to do. Oftentimes, they don’t even realize the things at which they are talented and even gifted at. Some people we have encountered in life are not satisfied with what they do. In general, they are working for a living, not for passion.

Pixelhunters are driven to deliver quality results, allowing us to satisfy our clients. However, as we go along, we realized that our mission isn’t just to yield satisfied clients. It is also to help the young minds discover what’s hidden beneath their knowledge. Hence, it lured us to do something even better – to support the youth by launching educational and motivational activities.

Art these days is no longer just about brushing across the canvass with the right color combination. The society today has so much innovation, with dynamic flow of updates and changes that just keeps ticking like a clock. These are the types of advancement that the artistic youth has a lot to learn and keep updated about. As we help open up a new stigma of the artistic youth, we also unleash their talents through our innovative actions.

The Middle East Talents Awards (http://www.metalentsawards.com)


Pixelhunters, in coordination with 3D Artist, CG Record, The Chaos Group and Stylus Copywriting launched its annual Middle East Talents Awards competition. It is our initiative to bring about a number of creative talents into the light, helping the youth to discover and be discovered. We seek the participation of the young individuals who possess interest in digital arts. We aim to recognize their talents and support them by providing the stage to showcase what they got.

The International Game Developers Association (https://www.igda.org/)- UAE Chapter


IGDA is the largest non-profit organization serving those who create video games. As it brings the developers at conferences, we also strive to bring IGDA to United Arab Emirates to improve their craft and make them belong into something special. We have the great support in this initiative of SAE Institute Dubai.

There are indeed a lot of talented digital artists in the market today, only to see them compete from one another. We get used to competing as only the ones on the top are the only ones accepted in the industry. However, we think differently. We encourage every youth to come out of their shells and give them the freedom of expressing their selves through art. With these activities, we reach out to them, nurture them and develop them. How about you? Are you ready to set free the artist within you?

Supporting Youth and Art – this is our mission. Come and join us at Middle East Talents Awards!

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