Why companies don’t want internship students? Change their mind!

Being an internship student or being placed within an organization during university studies is a requirement of many universities around the world. Then students face multiple difficulties finding an organization that is willing to accept them. You are happy to work for free for a company, at the same time not many volunteering companies for […]

Team Building in the time of the pandemic

Team Building in the time of the pandemic might be actually the way to keep our teams motivated. We are all locked down during this difficult time, socializing is mainly online through different social media channels or VoIP telephony. Mostly what we read and listen everywhere though is about COVID 19. It is so much […]

Distance Learning and Challenges – ARE WE READY?

We are so focused to talk about the FUTURE of learning that we sometimes forget to think about the PRESENT. With the necessity of having distance learning, are we ready to embrace its challenges? With the current COVID 19 worldwide situation, the population of young learners is facing serious challenges: pushed to use platforms that […]