Team Building in the time of the pandemic

Team Building in the time of the pandemic might be actually the way to keep our teams motivated.

We are all locked down during this difficult time, socializing is mainly online through different social media channels or VoIP telephony.

Mostly what we read and listen everywhere though is about COVID 19.

It is so much occupying our senses and our daily routines, that we barely find some time to focus on something different and useful.

More than ever we need a tool to help us being bonded to our colleagues, all in the same situation. Most than even we need to keep us focused on our company’s values and objectives.

Multiplayer games are proven to be very effective in uniting people towards a common goal.

Many companies have many messages that want to be told, lots of information to be learned by employees.  Businesses being locked and/or on a big slow down, it is a challenge on how to keep training teams effectively. People need a collaborative spirit, entertaining, something different to bring their spirit up.

If there is a tool that can combine knowledge and team building at the same time? What if the companies are able to organize something useful, practical, and with the main purpose to bond the team? In a cost-effective way?

Pixelhunters has developed a platform for multiplayer team training for usage in real or distant environments. Through games, we challenge teams to compete, learn something new, and have fun at the same time.

On the other end, companies receive a tool to deliver knowledge and understand more about teams’ performances and individuals behaviors.

It can be any subject, brought fast into a certain set of developed games. It can be anything from code of conduct, history of the company, health & safety, or whatever it comes to your mind.

If you don’t have anything prepared – we have ready solutions for awareness for Cybersecurity and even COVID 19.

Team Building in the time of the pandemic – why not?

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