Creating Virtual Reality Content – an Immersive Experience

The popularity of creating virtual reality comes with no surprise. Certainly, large companies like Facebook, Google, YouTube and more are embracing the 360-degree technology brought by virtual reality.

Virtual reality content delivers to the users an immersive 360-degree experience of real-world or imaginary surroundings. Like other media content, virtual reality content gives opportunity to engage the audience – bringing people insights to a deeper level. The mechanics of creating VR content may be a challenge for production companies and developers as it takes a lot of processes. The content can either be created through film or video shot in a specific 360 degrees way with special cameras for it, or can be created on a computer generated way. The most known VR glass devices available on the market are Oculus Rift, Gear VR, HTC Vive as well as Sony’s PlayStation VR. When the content is ready to view through a VR headset, it is recommender to give time for the people to get used to the technology and environment before being fully thrown into the experience.

As virtual reality perceives to recreate the reality, it also immerses the users in a believable world – sometimes this world might be from our fantasies, from our past or future. Without any confusion, advancement in VR content will continue to lead and surprise the world from today onwards.

3D Animation Content for Virtual Reality

Creating a 3D animation is one of the popular ways to make a virtual reality content. The application of 3D animation helps the audience to get a closer look at things just as they would be in real life, but mostly it allows interactions with the objects from this virtual world and create very interesting game experiences.

Games and Virtual Reality. Gamification

The games offer infinite possibilities for entertainment and engagement. Brands can reinforce their brand perception and attract new customers. Businesses can provide new engaging type of trainings and measure the impact of the learning via gamification. The interaction, the challenges, the competition drive interest and can deliver the targeted messages on a very innovative way.

Games combined with Virtual Reality bring the gaming to a complete new level. Players are fully plunged into the virtual worlds, can walk inside those worlds on the exact same way as in reality, allowing to experience interactions that are not possible in life – like fighting demons, taste the future or experience different situations that would be hard to create in real.

The most exciting part of virtual reality is that the technology is now accessible to everyone. With the increasing number of companies experimenting with VR content, the possibilities for the medium is truly beyond endless. The more it becomes mainstream, more consumers and companies are expected to embrace it.

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