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Company Philosophy


The Pixelhunters team pushes its capacity to the limit of both technology and skills in order to visualize creativity and innovation with utmost quality. With our maximum professional standards, pure dedication to arts and excellence in our entire operational feature, we aim to go beyond our client’s expectations. We always aspire to exceed the industry’s competition and standards, making it one of the most integral elements of why we do our devoted best to succeed in all our business activities.



Company Statement


We believe that everybody has dreams and it is our aim to find out what our client’s reveries are. We deem that in their heads, they picture out stunning images and striking visual entertainment that they want to showcase to the world. Pixelhunters create and envision dreams; conquer the deepest imaginations and make these imaginary things authentic and sensational.


Pixelhunters ensures that we translate our client’s needs by delivering appealing visual content to allow their dreams and message to be understood and conveyed. We treat their needs like we foster feelings. Turning dreams into genuine visuals has been linked to impossible but we are making it easy for our clients. It is where we begin to extend to our client’s senses, and in turn, allow our clients to connect with their audience.



Pixelhunters – Visualizing the Future through Our Creativity of Today


Pixelhunters has gathered a team of professionals who are bound to turn our client’s dreams into reality. We have worked with several key technologies in arts, graphics and designs to advance the company’s core competencies in creating remarkable and informative visual outputs for our clients in varied aspects such as architectural firms, government institutions, corporate departments, company advertising and the entertainment and gaming industry.


We also recognize the potential of our younger generation by extending our wisdom being advanced in this field. Aside from focusing on the entrepreneurial aspect of our management based on our core competencies, we also take part in harnessing the full forthcoming of designers, developers and artists in the same industry we belong. Pixelhunters has been a medium of both learning and experience, honing the synergies between our business units and developing young minds alike.



Building the Future


We have created visual solutions for several years, mainly focusing on the creation of architectural renders, digital materials for corporate trainings, appealing audio-visual campaigns for government and non-government equally, game design and digital content production. With these in mind, we gently incorporate the sense of innovative ideas, creative concepts and engaging messages to convey our client’s appeal. We consider this a key element why we are able to establish numerous clients in and out of Middle East, making us one of the most competitive digital artists in our field.


Looking into the future, we will persist on developing our already pioneering digital outputs and skills, keeping our team to drive forward. We aim to strengthen our brand’s identity in the digital arts industry, encompassing the value, professionalism and good service. Amidst the competitive environment in arts and designs, we declare to surpass our mission to deliver guaranteed satisfaction to our clients who are in need of skillful hands and impressive ideas for their digital needs.