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  • 01/06/16

    Pixelhunters celebrates 7th anniversary

    Today we celebrate 7 years of PIXELHUNTERS. A good moment to take a deep breath and acknowledge everyone who helped us to reach where we are now.  
  • 11/05/16

    V-Ray for Educators Workshop

    The College of Fine Arts & Design at the American University in the Emirates in cooperation with Chaos Group and Pixelhunters have organized an exclusive V-Ray for Educators Workshop. 
  • 17/03/16

    VirtuDrive @ RTA Customers week and Gulf Traffic week

    A newer upgrated version of the VirtuDrive has been displayed for the first time at the RTA Customers week in mid February this year, held in Dubai Mall. In march, the VirtuDrive has been again presented at the Gulf Traffic week, this time organized at the Emirates mall. The new version of the VirtuDrive offers an innovative gamified approach for Hazard Perception training. 
  • 07/03/16

    Pixelhunters supported again the Safariland Group at IWA 2016

    And another international exhibition for Pixelhunters in support of its client from years - the Safariland Group USA. Pixelhunters designed a new vision for the group exhibits and succesfully delivered the stand at the Nurnberg Messe in March 2016.
  • 24/12/15

    RTA VirtuDrive @ Abu Dhabi Police Annual Event

    The RTA VirtuDrive project - a virtual reality experience for Hazard Perception, developed by Pixelhunters and showcased for first time at Gitex 2015 has been requested by Abu Dhabi Police to be displayed at their annual event at the Officers Club in Abu Dhabi. 

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