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Client: True Blue Gaming / ARUZE
First release: 2011, Australia
Script: True Blue Gaming
Direction: True Blue Gaming
Chinese culture adviser: Daniel Wang (True Blue Gaming)
Producer: Toni Carter (True Blue Gaming)
VFX and 3D Animation: Pixelhunters
VFX supervisor: Iliya Atanasov (Pixelhunters)
Music and sound effects: True Blue Gaming, sound for the beginning: Vasko Ivanov
Screened: Australia, USA, Asia, South Africa, Europe





It was very exciting project for us. The Chinese culture is so rich with rituals and traditions and it worth to show the world a piece of that unique mixture of history, colors, characters and Gods.

Every bit of the movie is made to fully represent the Chinese life traditionally, with all its everyday activities and celebrations.

We had a special cultural adviser from the True Blue Gaming side to help us to understand and visualize everything as it really was, traditionally.

Even with all the complications we had due to the limitations of the computer technologies today, we had a lot of fun while working on the project, but we wouldn’t make it without the excellent direction of True Blue Gaming.

The video was first showcased in Australia and had a great success and acceptance from the audience.