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Motion Capture

Motion Capture


Motion Capture (or MoCap) is the process of recording of human movement. The data is used to animate digital character models in 3D computer animation. The technology is applicable in films, games, broadcasted animated stories, ads, serious gaming, and virtual environments and to get realistic human movement.




MoCap can provide significant time saving for animation projects. Motion capture can simplify the animation process, especially when trying to recreate character animation that is complex, realistic, such as the interaction of several 3D characters, or participating in common activities. Even simple animation, such as a character walking, is much easier (and more realistic) when captured than if process was made by hand.

Mocap also easily captures nuance. If you record a female actor and load the movement to a male 3D character it will be recognizable.


PIXELHUNTERS with most modern Inertial Motion Capture System.

Pixelhunters has recently equipped with the most innovative solution for camera-less motion capture, developed by Xsens. You can see this technology used in recent films such as, 'X-MEN', 'TED' and 'JOHN CARTER'. We can bring to life your virtual characters in no time.  

The technique can be also used to spectacular effect at events with real time animation for an unparalleled 'WOW' factor!