Cloud Biking #InAbuDhabi

Video Game Cloud Biking #InAbuDhabi developed by Pixelhunters for Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority ( Ramps on London’s World Travel Market

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Abu Dhabi maybe known for a destination packed with wondrous adventures and fun in the Middle East but recently, Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority brought the city’s tourism industry to World Travel Market in London, flashing the spotlight for international travelers in Europe who want to experience cultural diversity with eclectic tours and activities waiting in the emirate’s land.

The World Travel Market held in London is one of the globe’s largest trade fairs that with all the spirit of confidence this year, the Abu Dhabi’s tourism sector is proud to be a part of. To give the people utmost fun at the fair, Pixelhunters created a video game for Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority that highlights the city’s major tourist attractions. Pavilion visitors get the chance to enjoy Cloud Biking #InAbuDhabi, a game that lets them cycle around the city through the virtual 3D game podium using a big screen and an iPad.

This interactive game by Pixelhunters for Abu Dhabi tourism sector aims to emphasize what the city can offer to its tourists as well as give them the chance to win daily prizes by collecting 12 stars in a lap. Game play lasts for 90 seconds and the faster the gamer rides, the faster they collect checkpoints, paving their way higher on to the leader board. The gamer that tops the leader board for a day gets a free trip to Abu Dhabi that includes 2 plane tickets and 3 nights worth of stay in a 5-star hotel. All participants, on the other hand, are automatically subscribed to Abu Dhabi’s newsletter.

Cloud Biking #InAbuDhabi went up to 4 days, giving four lucky entrants the chance to explore the city in the Emirate state. Pixelhunters aim to create a video game that is enjoyable enough to entice the pavilion visitors to be a part of this fun experience. By the same token, we also made sure that the activity shouts entertainment value without leaving the objective of promoting Abu Dhabi’s best.

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    1. It is a fun game. We run the game at all major Abu Dhabi events – so please follow our news and welcome to try it at the next event.

      1. I used to live in Abu Dhabi and I used to go to Dubai every week and I just moved to Canada 2 months ago. My dad still working in an oil company in AD. UAE is the best!

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