The Boost in 3D Animation – Discovering Its Infinite Possibilities

At present, each person – be it a child, teenager or adult, are all fascinated with great storylines and surprising twists of animated films. The animation industry has come a long way today, which started from a simple 2D hand-drawn design to a completely new level of 3D animation possibilities where things come to life […]

Career path for young people

 Knowing What Hinders Them and How to Deal With It Have you started thinking about which career to take? Some people may think that choosing a career path might be as easy as picking a major. Well, this is not generally the case. Planning your career is a little bit complicated and is considered a […]

Pixelhunters celebrating 5 years

Mixing Art, Values, Business and Family Relationship – How to Keep Everything Up – Pixelhunters celebrating 5 years of success We would like to let you know that this year we celebrate Pixelhunters’ 5th anniversary and what is a better way to celebrate it than to have fun on a yacht party? Yes! We cruised […]

Computer Animation – Lifting the Past Back to Life

What are the benefits of the computer animation? Computer animation, or digital animation, is a strategy that creates moving images through the use of digital technology. The three-dimensional graphics, also known as 3D, offers wide variety of possibilities in almost every aspect of life, specifically into the entertainment industry. While the design is made with […]

Computer Animation – Bringing Fantasy Into Reality

In the earlier stages of digital technology, the entertainment industry has gone a vast change with the innovation of computer graphics and animation. For a very long period of time, the brains in the CGI sector have proved their skills by bringing their work with realism involved in it. Today, animators strived their way up […]

A’ Design Awards Winners 2014: The Cocktail of Artists

About A’Design Awards By Dr. Ani Atanasova, CEO Pixelhunters With more art organizations and exhibits coming our way through the internet, it is undeniable to see a lot of young and undiscovered talents gathering to showcase their talents. This is a good way to receive and even administer judging their entries from my point of […]

Pixelhunters – The Drive to Support the Youth and Art

Pixelhunters – Supporting Youth and Art By Dr.Ani Atanasova (PhD,MSc), CEO Pixelhunters Whenever we speak about the youth, discover young talents or simply supporting education and arts, one of the most common question we ask is whether these talented children of today have the real access to tools that will help them nurture their minds […]

Architectural Rendering and Fly-Through – Going Beyond Inspiration

Architectural Rendering and Fly-Through – Going Beyond Inspiration to a Dream By Dr.Ani Atanasova (PhD,MSc), CEO Pixelhunters Real estate has been a dynamic industry. It is an evolving and constantly changing field. Just like other trade design, its quality and usability are its engine in order to soar when it comes to the property and […]

3D Artist Magazine : Expert Renders by Iliya Atanasov

3D artist expert renders and 17 steps tutorial published by 3D Artist Magazine, UK By Iliya Atanasov, Studo Director and co-founder at Pixelhunters 3D artist expert renders and tutorial published by 3D Artist Magazine, UK