360 Virtual Tours / 360 Walk & Talk Customizable App

360 Virtual Tours + 360 Walk & Talk Customizable App


360 Walk & Talk Customizable App is a guided 360 experience, that can be easily customized to integrate your 360 filmed or 3D virtual environment. Besides the standard 360 tours functionalities, an instructor, salesperson, teacher, or anyone appointed as a leader can navigate the virtual experience. Texts, images, and videos can be inserted as per your desire within the walk-through. Voice and chat communication are available for all users to discuss, ask, negotiate or enjoy teambuilding or training exercise.

Applications of the 360 Walk & Talk Customizable App:

1. Space (office / factory / store) and product presentations

We will make a 3D project or movie of your office/factory/store. We may add your products photos, 3D models, and descriptions in different places. So, while walking virtually, you will be able to present your products. Your customers will get the feeling that they are really in your office, among your products and will be able to decide to buy or finalize a deal much easier and faster.


2. Team-building and training programs

While remotely working, co-workers miss the connection with each other. The 360 Walk & Talk Customizable App comes to the rescue. Bring your colleagues back to the office virtually and organize a team-building or training. Add questions and tasks in some places in your virtual office. You can choose from our ready content written by professionals your content can be load in the application.

3. Entertainment location presentation

Present entertainment location to potential customers and partners, using 360 Walk & Talk Customizable App. Thanks to the application, you will immerse your guests in the atmosphere of your location. Add images & videos related to your company in some places. While walking them in person, albeit virtually, your guests will learn more about you and your business. Make the virtual walk in your location an unforgettable experience for your current and potential customers.

4. Real estate presentations

You want to present a new residential complex to potential buyers. It is easy! We will build the whole complex in a 360 Walk & Talk Customizable App. And you will walk your customers virtually and quickly. Are there any advantages you want to highlight? It is easy! Add additional texts, photos or documents to some places in your virtual tour. 

5. Trade centers presentations

Trade centers can be closed, but yours can be open virtually and welcome your customers. Imagine your store entirely in 360 Walk & Talk Customizable App, and your goods positioned in their regular places. A specification and additional information can be included in each item to help your customers make the right choice and shop with you again. Use 360 Walk & Talk Customizable App to make a virtual tour to your clients and let them bye your products online.

6. Virtual exhibitions

You are a host of a Virtual Exhibition, Tradeshow or Career Fair. We will create your ideal hall and exhibitors booths. Your clients' products can be presented with the 3D model, picture or short video. Put sponsors advertisements in the key positions in the virtual exhibition hall. Add quizzes for more exciting customers' experience!

7. Student's education

360 Walk & Talk Customizable App is suitable for the education of kids. We can recreate your classroom, a moment in history, a chemical laboratory and more. Present your lesson in an interesting and fun way in the form of a game. In key places, we can position games and games related to educational content. Game-based training gives much better and faster results.

How does it work?

 There are many options for implementing the 360 Walk & Talk Customizable App in your business, projects, training and more. Contact us if you have an idea on how to integrate the 360 Walk & Talk. Customizable App for your needs, and we will help you choose the best option for you. 

Why choose Pixelhunters?


  • Team of professionals with long term experience in design, video, 3D, VR/AR
  • Support during the working process and the online event (if needed)