Fault Passage Indicators - AADC / TAQA

Intro video, part of a Game-Based Approach to Visualize the Fault Passage Indicators System of AADC - TAQA for Enhanced Efficiency in Identifying and Resolving Issues in Overhead Power Lines.

The World Utility Congress 2023 brought together professionals and experts from the utility industry to explore cutting-edge solutions and advancements in the field. As part of this prestigious event, we were thrilled to showcase an innovative approach developed by AADC - TAQA, designed to revolutionize the identification and resolution of issues in overhead power lines.

In our quest for efficiency and improved performance, we have developed an interactive game-based approach to help visualize the meaning and functionality of the Fault Passage Indicators (FPI) system. This groundbreaking system offers a comprehensive solution to expedite the detection and rectification of faults in power lines, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and enhanced safety.

Our Intro Video served as an engaging introduction to explain the FPI System. It harnesses the power of visual storytelling to present the intricacies of the FPI system in a captivating and easily understandable manner. Through a seamless blend of graphics and animations we take the audience on a journey that demystifies the complexities of the system and highlights its practical applications.