Cyber-mons is an exclusive new AR product, based on Pixelhunters' Multiplayer Team Training  platform (, to spread awareness of the devastating threats of cybercrime. 

You can read more about our Cyber-mons at or at

At Pixelhunters we decided to approach cybersecurity from a different angle. While the regular internet user may understand all cyber threats are hazardous, not all can remember what counter-measures are needed to take necessary precautions. 

By giving personality to cyber threats we help employees and school students to learn in a fun and memorable way. It does not compromise the seriousness of the subject, but it facilitates the understanding and memory process.

Cyber-mons product is available in 2 versions - for Corporate and School deployment. The children's version is suitable for kids above 7 years old.

The Cyber-mons solution is available for real classroom mode and for distance learning as well. 

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