Arsenal Bulgaria LIMA 23 Malaysia

The Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) is a biennial event held in Langkawi, Malaysia, focusing on both maritime and aerospace sectors. The latest occurrence of this exhibition took place in 2023.

Recognized as one of the largest maritime and aerospace exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific region, LIMA primarily centers around the defense industry while also offering support to civilian sectors. In 2013, LIMA experienced a notable 10% overall growth. The event featured 433 exhibitors from 31 countries, 333 defense delegations from 38 countries, and drew the participation of 632 media personnel from 127 agencies. The exhibition showcased 68 ships and 78 aircraft. Over the course of the 5-day event, it attracted 38,421 trade visitors from both defense and commercial sectors worldwide. Additionally, 135,691 public visitors attended the exhibition.

Pixelhunters supported Arsenal Bulgaria at this show and has had a strong involvement in the defense industry since 2009, offering services related to exhibitor support and stand building, visualizations, simulations, or other digital solutions for defense-related applications.