Symphony of Three: Peace, Love, Tolerance

Virtual concert, commissioned by Abu Dhabi Festival, a production of the epic ‘Symphony of Three’ inspired by the Abrahamic Family House.  

Emirati composer Ihab Darwish, renowned for combining classical and contemporary music, joins Academy Award and two-time Grammy winner David Shire and multi-Emmy Award winner John Debney on a spectacular musical journey. Co-produced by the world’s most prolific producer of film music, Robert Townson, the symphony features 250 singers from around the world and celebrates in four majestic movements the beauty of cultural diversity beginning with the prologue ‘Earth’ composed by Darwish, followed by ‘Peace’ by Shire and ‘Love’ by Debney, culminating in the striking finale ‘Tolerance’ by Darwish. 

Supported by lead partner Mubadala.

Pixelhunters CTO Iliya Atanasov and Ihab Darwish, were the creative directors of the concert.
Pixelhunters worked on the entire post-production, including the editing, chroma keying, color grading, CGI & VFX. 
This is the second virtual concert for Ihab Darwish that Pixelhunters has worked.