News 2020

Virtual Christmas Team Building?

Pixelhunters & its platform Multiplayer Team Training have a special Christmas Package for Company Team Building for the employees and their families. 

Pixelhunters CEO, speaker at the Virtual Training Program for Women In Leadership

Dr. Ani Atanasova delivered a talk about "Supporting today’s Managers to Become Tomorrow’s Executive Leaders"

Cultural Diversity Training as part of the Multiplayer Team Training Platform by Pixelhunters

Pixelhunters platform Multiplayer Team Training has new special content about Cultural Diversity, written by the industry expert Mihaela Nica. Play games and learn. 

Multiplayer Team Training platform - invited talk at the annual Conference of Mathematicians in Bulgaria

Pixelhunters CEO Dr. Ani Atanasova presented the Multiplayer Team Training Platform and its potential for using multiplayer games in math education. 

Opera Singing Oryx Promoting Learning

Everything looks easy once you learn how to do it.           

Multiplayer Team Training new advertising is there!

We turn multiplayer games into exciting learning!