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Pixelhunters collaborated with NAOS Middle East to implement AR RUN into their dermatological event

Pixelhunters recently collaborated with NAOS Middle East (Bioderma) to implement Bioderma’s educational material about the benefits of their product’s ingredients over a variety of skincare problems into our multiplayer AR game. The AR RUN game mechanics, part of the Multiplayer Team Training Platform, fit well into the company objectives to create a more engaging way to increase awareness and knowledge towards the Bioderma brand.


The AR RUN game was successfully used at the Annual Bioderma/NAOS Event Doctors experienced via augmented reality (AR) and a game-based approach the knowledge about the most common types of hyperpigmentation, mode of actions of key actives of Bioderma products, efficacy proofs of treatment and how to use them. The game experience made the events more fun, interactive, collaborative and competitive and the most knowledgeable doctors were recognised.