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Learning is key in our days knowledge-oriented world, but it might be so boring to practice material and remember so much information.

Game-based learning has the power to motivate and improve performance. But have you ever tried the power of multiplayer games in serious studies?

Pixelhunters & The Multiplayer Team Training - we are extending our support to schools by providing free licenses to 50 schools. Excite your students with multiplayer game-based learning for the whole next scholar year!

We can plug your entire curriculum and you, as educator, you just observe the results. No need to play yourself, kids know how to do it. Use the summer to prepare your quizzes and materials for the whole year and we will load it into 3 exciting games.

Games for homework, for a classroom ice-breaker or competitions. Work on Ios, android and web.

Proven success factor & so much fun.
Hurry up. Contact us at to enroll.