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Pixelhunters celebrating 13 years!

Today we celebrate 13 Years of PIXELHUNTERS!

Our story

We started as an Animation & VFX company. Became the first indie game developer in UAE.

First to start VR development with the developers' kits of the Oculus and Vive, before even the commercial release of the headsets.

One of the Firsts in the Middle East with prominent participation and experience in the metaverse space. Launching the Pixelhunters Meta shortly - our platform for metaverse training and metaverse multiplayer learning. Platform to combine edutainment, gaming, and events.

2 motion capture systems equipped.
Cameras and Filming equipment in house.

1500+ projects, 150+ international awards.

2 VR platforms for Governments developed.
Plus Our multilayer team training / multiplayer classroom platform.

There is no small client, everyone is important to us.
We work for clients from all over the world.

We have clients that are still working with us from the beginning - i.e 13 years of history together. 60% of our business is coming from clients that work with us for 8+ years and on multiple projects.

We don't have employees, we have a family in the office.

We learn every day new things, we always deliver outstanding quality. combined with solid business ethics.

We are grateful for our team, clients, and their business.

Happy Pixelhunters 13th anniversary!