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Pixelhunters supported the filming of the movie 'Without Wings' in Dubai

The producer of 'Without Wings' is Bashar Rahal, and the director is Niki Iliev. Naum Shopov takes on the role of Mikhail Hristov, with Leart Dokle portraying his coach, Petar Dachev.

The script was inspired by the true life story of Bulgarian paralympic ‘Long jump’ triple world champion Mihail Hristov. The film follows Mihail from the moment he loses both his arms in an electric current incident and makes the life-changing decision of becoming a professional athlete as he goes through the catharsis of deciding to start a new life without arms.
As we follow Mihail's personal struggle on screen (both psychological and physical), we witness how he adapts to the situation and how he searches for his true calling, which he eventually finds in sports. He goes through a number of difficulties, both on the sports field and in his personal relationships with his parents, his coach, the girl he falls in love with but
most of all, the difficulty of accepting what has happened to him. The script traces Mihail's difficult fate from the accident that left him without arms to becoming a triple long jump world champion, inventor of a new type of prosthetics and a motivational speaker.