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Pixelhunters partnering with SAE Institute Dubai

Pixelhunters signed a strategic partnership with SAE Institute Dubai for the IGDA UAE Chapter activities and for internship program.


Pixelhunters accepted over the past 2 years several of the SAE Institute students for internship within the company. Pixelhunters was amazed by the high quality of the education and the design skills of the applicants. Pixelhunters is now in process of development of more extensive internship and educational cooperation.


SAE Institute also supports the local chapter of IGDA by providing its auditorium for the monthly meetings.



More information about SAE Institute:


SAE Institute is worlds biggest digital media training facility with 54 branches worldwide. The UAE branch: SAE Dubai was founded in 2005 in order to bring the expert training and education to the fields of Audio and Film in Middle East. Since the foundation we have produced hundreds of graduates, each uniquely prepared to fill emerging opportunities in the creative media industries. Our course offerings have since grown to include 3D computer Animation and Web development and we will be welcoming our first intake in Video games programming in November 2012. In 2011 our Middle East operations were acquired by TwoFour54. Their vision is "to enable the development of world class Arabic media and entertainment content". With this partnership, SAE Dubai will have strong support in the local area and industry as well.

The Video Games Programming course at SAE Dubai is an incredible opportunity for students to explore how interactive media ideas can turn into functioning video games. The course is designed for students with an interest in video games, games design and programming as well as IT, software engineering and computer science. Covering a wide range of programming and interactive media design solutions, students will learn the entire 3D Video games programming process: the tools and software used, how games move from an idea, through to designs and then development and programming. How to analyze exiting games, their engaging user experiences and what we can learn from them. By the end of the program, students will have worked through several in-class projects and have the confidence to utilize both programming and development tools in tackling their own intermediate to advanced level games. SAE Dubai has always in pursue of new technologies to embed within our educational curriculum and we are very excited to be the first school in UAE to deliver Video Games programming courses.