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Pixelhunters supporting the FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2013

Pixelhunters supports the FIAT/IFTA  (the International Federation of Television Archives) World Conference 2013 by providing computer animation for the Archive Acievements Awards ceremony at the Armani hotel, Dubai, on 26th of October 2013.


More about the conference can be found at:


The theme of the conference  "Keeping the Past Recent", the World Conference will examine the vast potential of new technologies within the broadcast archive. It will bring together those who have still to embark on the journey of digitizing their archives with those, who are already well on their way to a fully digital collection. It will merge professional archive standards with innovation, and practical experience with academic research to foster personal and organizational growth within our community.
To talk further about it, the following points should be noted.

-          Organization
-          Importance of efficient archiving
-          Importance of a strong archive
-          How essential is it that the system and the team running it are highly trained
-          Without the proper procedures and techniques followed....the past will remain the past and won't be found...