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Middle East Talents Awards is announcing the winners of its first edition

As initiator of the first Middle East Talents Awards, Pixelhunters is honoured to witness a lot of aspiring artist wanting to showcase their talents in digital arts. There have been a lot of initiatives being set up by several organizations across the world and some of them are implemented mainly to engage our younger generation to become the best that they can be.


Pixelhunters live by the passion for art and it continues to teach us numerous things. In a wider scale, we believed in a principle that having a definite framework to maximize one’s potential is essential to the foundation of the future. As a team, we saw a lot of younger individuals trying to get into the world of digital arts industry and some of them are striving hard to be known for what they do. Sending them into the world without enough tools and experience can be a potential recipe for failure. Some of them don’t know where to start – or even don’t know how to start for that matter. This is the reason why we initiated Middle East Talents Awards.


Middle East Talents Awards, together with Pixelhunters, 3D Artist, The Chaos Group, CG Record and Stylus Copywriting, go hand in hand in bringing brightness to the world of undiscovered talents in Middle East. We hunt for individuals who have strong interest in showing their talents in digital arts. We would like to recognize that talent and give them the support they need as a budding artist by giving them the platform of learning, fun and sense of competition.


We were astonished by the hundreds of entries submitted for nine different categories from different individuals across the world. We are more than happy to see a lot of aspiring individuals trying to make a difference through their skills. We are overwhelmed with the number of people wanting to be somebody in the industry. Above all, we are so delighted to be a part of their humble beginnings as young professionals.


With an overwhelming 569 submissions, we decided to not just pick a winner for a particular category. We would also like to notice the talents across the entire section. Some of our artists have multiple artworks that show their uniqueness and skilful hands in different categories that is why we would like to award not just their single masterpiece but the artist himself as a whole. Since META is all about discovering talents, all awarded artists will be featured along with their best outputs.


Today, we announce the first winners of Middle East Talents Awards. May this be an encouragement to all individuals who have hopes of becoming an artist to continue showing the world that their talents can make a difference.


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