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Pixelhunters mentoring at Student Showcase at SAE Dubai

Pixelhunters CEO, Dr. Ani Atanasova has been invited by SAE Institute Dubai for “Student Showcase Event” held last 20th of August, 2017. The event is a platform for aspiring students to showcase their work to the industry and public. In this event, amazing works by students in Animation, Games, Film, Audio and Design were showcased.


Dr. Ani Atanasova mentors students’ project in animation and game development. Pixelhunters is happy to witness potential students gaining an understanding of the learning achieved within each of the creative media programs. The following are the works Dr. Ani evaluated at the event:



·       Elof of the Viking - Developers: Kyle Ingrid Marcelo, Gamilla Hafez, Renier Spies, Neveen Thampy

·       Annexation - Developers: Ibrahim Noushad, Christan Alver Leon Fernandes, Christian Beggs, Cameron Morris

·       A Tale of Untrustworthy Adventures - Developers: Nabeeha Khan, Ronica Tanwar, Nile Mcmorrow Raza



·       Megabubble - Developers: Ajithesh Guru Prasath, Rehan Mujtaba Asif, Reema Abbas, Bryan Clair

·       Timber Teeth - Developers: Angelica Jenelle Friera, Amal Ani Aroskar, Neo Selesho

·       Wadeema - Developers: Olga Kokhanova, Marya Rashid

·       Inkblot - Developer: Masab Irman


Here are the students’ works that incite our attention:


·       Duke  (a 3D animated short film) - Developer: Pauleene Kyle Vecino

·       Don’t Reload  (a multiplayer game) - Developers: Moatassem Waly, Sasan Faizollah

·       The Valley (a shooter and RPG game) – Developers: Cameron Fernandez, Noaman Khalil, Akshay Jayesh Pancholi, Laurence William Peat

·       Not for the Faint of Heart (VR game) - Developers: John Mark Adriano, Abdulrahman Abdulkarim


This event plays an essential role in building students’ expertise and fundamental skills in the industry. Pixelhunters was happy to be part of this “Student Showcase Event”.


We hope the students will continue growing their skills and to be able to witness even better projects next time.