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Pixelhunters as a knowledge partner of NSTI 2018

Pixelhunters as a knowledge partner of NSTI Festival, organized by Ministry of Education


The National Science, Technology and Innovation (NSTI) Festival, organized by the Ministry of Education and held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan which takes place at Dubai Festival Arena from 15th to 19th of February 2018. This is a major initiative running alongside UAE Innovation Month. The Ministry of Education aims to promote and create a passion for science, technology, innovation and scientific research amongst students and the UAE community.


Pixelhunters is happy to participate in NSTI Festival where we are delivering 20 workshops. Arabian Heroes VR game of Pixelhunters will be also showcased, together with Our Future VR career guidance tool of TRA and Copycat Combat VR game of OSN & Dubai Customs. 


More about the workshops: 


Workshop 1: Future Proof Skills

What are the skills that are required in the future to succeed in career finding and development?

Are there any tools that can help the young people to select their future path that is aligned with the demands of the future?

Overview of the “Our Future” – a VR career guidance tool of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, approved by the Ministry of Education and currently in deployment in the UAE schools.


Workshop 2: Think as a game designer

Why games and what makes games successful?

Structure and game design elements

Motivation and Psychology behind the games

Understanding rewards

Why VR and AR games?

Case studies of several games that became popular at the UAE Market (some of them can be seen at the VR area), like Pixelhunters Arabian Heroes, Dubai Customs & OSN Copycat Combat; TRA Cyber Security Virtual World Heroes; Mansour Souq Quest, Cloud Biking in Abu Dhabi.

The workshop will contain a game design thinking/brainstorming session to create an idea for a game under a certain topic.


Workshop 3: Physics 4 Fun workshops

3 different subfields of this workshop (the magic of lasers- introduction to the quantum physics; the magic of holograms; hydraulic lift)

The idea is to inspire kids into physics and present them physics theory in a very simple and understandable way.

Hands-on activities to understand the proprieties of lasers; making an own hologram and a hydraulic lift)

All the experiments will be made with materials that are very easy to access on the market or are available at home. Physics is everywhere around us and can be fun.


Workshop 4: Technology workshop

The magic to create animated characters in real time. The workshop will be done with novel inertial motion capture technology. Same technology is used in multiple Hollywood movie productions.