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Own IP

Pixelhunters not only offers professional design and animation services to clients, but also offers various platforms and games under Pixelhunters’ own intellectual property (IP).
Pixelhunters also works with distributors around the world to distribute our games and products to different markets to allow access to anyone in the world.
Multiplayer Team Training:
Multiplayer Team Training is a multi-language game-based platform by Pixelhunters catering to schools and businesses to create a space for collaborative learning and innovative knowledge delivery through videogames. Multiplayer Team Training allows players to learn and collaborate in innovative ways with over 16 games, different styles of gameplay and learning objectives, all with the aim of increasing engagement and information recall in classrooms and offices. 
Pixelhunters Meta:
Pixelhunters will soon release its own metaverse platform, Pixelhunters Meta, which will feature an array of exciting and immersive experiences such as virtual events and hangouts, NFT collections and more with the help of blockchain enabled technology. Pixelhunters Meta aims to be the pioneer of edutech by changing the face of learning forever with technology and entertainment. 
Pixelhunters Original Games:
Pixelhunters possesses an extensive portfolio of its own original games, free-to-play for all.
Arabian Heroes
Arabian Heroes is an exciting Middle-Eastern arcade game following the Arabian Heroes family’s quest to protect the planet from an evil sorcerers corrupted crows. Arabian Heroes offers dynamic gameplay with great quality graphics, hundreds of unique levels, puzzles and more! 
Arabian Heroes VR
Arabian Heroes VR is the VR-enabled version of the original Arabian Heroes game, featuring the same dynamic gameplay, now with VR and motion controls through Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch. 
Swamp Invasion
Swamp Invasion is a VR-enabled game where players have to dodge attacks from a terrifying invader to save the day! 
Bats and Butterflies
Bats and Butterflies is an interactive VR game where players have to strategically eliminate bats by hitting them, while avoiding butterflies. 
Horizon Run
Horizon Run is a full throttle racing game by Pixelhunters where players have to race through Dubai against the clock while scoring points and trying not to get caught! 
Solvival is a high-octane VR survival game, part of the Physics 4 Fun series, that creates a fun approach to learning physics through application in a survival setting. 
Memory Elevator
Memory Elevator is an exciting educational and memory-based game, where players play through different levels complete with bonus games to learn more about the UAE!