Mystic Wreck and Manta Madness - game projects related to an underwater adventure.

Mystic Wreck - the artists’ passion to create this artwork came from real underwater experience. The ocean underworld is amazing, it is a whole new universe down below - so beautiful and peaceful. Combining the lead artist’s diving experience with some picture references, we assembled the idea for the sunken ship. Visibility underwater is pretty limited, so we had to reinforce a little some of the fog background plans and also the wreck - we made it smaller than it is. The fish were also enlarged in comparison with the wreck, in order to make them more visible. Under the water, the red specter starts disappearing as one goes deeper. The wreck is 20-meters deep, so at such depth, the picture is almost entirely bluish. So we needed to play with the colors as well, to make it more interesting. The fish are also an additional element that brings color variety to the picture. 

Manta Madness – the rich underwater world, but shown through the eyes of our main character – an enormous Manta. A beautiful gigantic fish, that “flies” in the water. In seconds this fish is able to explore miles of underwater depths. It is picturesque to see the spread of its wings, the movement of the water behind it and the surrounding fauna behavior in front of this beautiful nature madness.

The idea of those games is to transfer the audience into the mysterious world of the ocean depths, to show how wonderful and charming it can be, to take the player away from the normal terrestrial life and to inspire him to see more and more of this water fairy adventure.

Year of production: 2011
First Release: 2011, Bulgaria
Industry: Gaming
Production company: Pixelhunters

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