Game related to underwan ater adventure.

Manta Madness – the rich underwater world, but shown through the eyes of our main character – an enormous Manta. A beautiful gigantic fish, that “flies” in the water. In seconds this fish is able to explore miles of underwater depths. It is picturesque to see the spread of its wings, the movement of the water behind it and the surrounding fauna behavior in front of this beautiful nature madness.

The idea of the those underwater adventures games (Mystic Wreck and Manta Madness) is to transfer the player into the mysterious world of the ocean depths, to show him how wonderful and charming it can be, to take the player away from the normal terrestrial life and to inspire him to see more and more of this water fairy adventure.

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Reels: 5
Main mode
Free games mode
Treasure Reef bonus
Animation of all symbols

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