A game, from the MOTORMANIA Game suite - A series of games that are mainly related to HIGH SPEEDS.
HI SPEEDS that can raise your adrenaline in a fraction of a second.
GAMES that make you feel alive.
To make the gameplay even more exciting, high speeds are combined with high volatility, a mix that guarantees max adrenaline but only for people who dare to try it!

The jackpot video of MOTORMANIA unites all the 5 games from the series.

Chopper Motor Bikes, Road 66, the rock music of the 80’s – time to remember the old times when the big boys were just traveling, fully enjoying the ride and being where they are….just on the Road, powered by their monster motorbike friends.

Other games from the same suite:

Desert Kings

Foxy Police

Monster Wheels

Princess of Speed

Reels: 5
Main mode
Free games mode
Super games
Attractive screen fill feature where the whole screen fills with Wild symbols
Progressive jackpot feature – paid by winning combination where the whole screen fills with different Bike symbols
Animation of all symbols

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