Inspired by a work of Dvein, here is the beginning of our short movie called Cognition. Philosophical expression of a "thought" - how it is born, how it develops, changes and regenerates...As in real life, everything changes but the magic is to be able to capture even the smallest changes, to enjoy the transformation and to believe that in the end, everything will be even more beautiful.

This is a project that we would like to develop further. If you are a talented scripter or a talented artist and you would like to help us finish this psychological story, please contact us at

We do not yet know how the denouement of this short story will finally go, but we are open to creative ideas. Don't be shy, just email us.

Year of production: 2011
First Release: Sometimes in the near future
Industry: Short films
Art Director: Iliya Atanasov
Producer: Ani Atanasova
Production company: Pixelhunters
Post-production: Pixelhunters
Music: Vasko Ivanov
Screened in: hope Globally

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