Grendel - Timewave Zero

Link to official video:

Pixelhunters worked on the last Grendel music video Timewave Zero, directed by Christoph Curtis.

Grendel is a Dutch music group formed in 1997. Their music is in the Aggrotech genre. Timewave Zero is the name of their latest album, released in 2012.

Christoph Curtis is a young, but a very talented writer, producer, and director. He has been immersed in the world of video production since his high school years. Christoph Curtis is also Pixelhunters’ Agent in Los Angeles, USA.

In the Timewave Zero music video, Pixelhunters worked on the computer-generated city and futuristic desert, where the action is taking place. We have also created a storm that is chasing Deus until the end of the music video. The storm is a mixture of cyber clouds with lightning storm made from computer data. We tracked, animated and rendered the motorbike of Deus, which is a futuristic bike operated by plasma energy. Pixelhunters also animated the CG robot in which transforms one of the main heroes. We added different props in the entire video – animated robotized cactus, particle spheres, traces, water droplets.

Year of production: 2012
First Release: 2012, USA
Industry: Music video
Client: Grendel
Director: Christoph Curtis
VFX & Animation: Pixelhunters

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